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~Caregiver Compatibility

Springboard's Child Care Network helps parents make informed decisions when choosing child care that addresses affordability, work schedules, and program preferences.


About Springboard Child Care

Springboard Child Care Inc. is a non-profit organization that is a unique addition to Colorado’s child care marketplace, combining the benefits of a child care co-working space and a family home child care peer network under a single, staffed umbrella.


Springboard supports children and families with a range of safe, intimate care environments, enables child care providers to maintain sustainable business independence, and strengthens the community with increased access to high quality child care.

Childcare Openings Now Available!

Supporting Providers

Kindergarten Guide

Licensed and unlicensed providers can join Springboard and the support network to create and grow a sustainable business. Springboard allows you to access resources like marketing and referral, business coaching, bulk buying, health care and other benefits.

Supporting Families

Kids in Preschool

Parents, Springboard would love to connect with you and learn more about the resources and information you need around child care. We are working hard to bring together a diverse network of providers who can meet your child care needs. More to come soon!

Engaging Community

Music Class

Springboard Child Care emerged from a collaborative effort between local community colleges, Early Childhood Councils, and community partners to address the shortage in quality and accessible child care for student parents and working families.

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