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About Springboard Child Care

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Who We Are

Springboard Child Care emerged from a collaborative effort between local community colleges, early childhood councils, and community partners to address the shortage in quality and accessible child care for working families and student parents.

Through the collaborative, Springboard observed child care's significant unmet need for the community, not only for student parents from the Community College of Aurora, but for the community at large. Child care's current position as an essential service is not able to meet the needs of enough families while child care providers are struggling to stay afloat financially.

To address these issues, Springboard offers co-working facilities, peer network support, access to technologies and business tools for the small child care programs that parents desire and communities need.

Why Springboard?

Springboard focuses on child care providers as a small business, offering co-working facilities and peer support, access to technology and business tools to bring scale and business stability to small child care providers that parents like and communities need.

We listened to parents who expressed concerns about:

  • Reliable, quality child care

  • Child care for non-traditional work schedules

  • Support to find culturally relevant child care that match the needs of their child

We listened to childcare small business owners who expressed concerns about:

  • Razor-thin operating margins

  • Risk of going out of business - due to the increasingly high costs of providing care

  • Challenges of managing their child care business through a maze of uncoordinated regulatory agencies

Springboard partners with community leaders to enhance access to child care through its staffed, child care provider peer network, conveniently located
co-working facilities, access to technologies and business tools for the small child care programs.

serving children and families

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Looking To The Future Of Child Care 

We believe child care will adapt as:

  • Supply and demand issues prevent parents from going to work

  • Families and the community request access to a diversity of parent child preferences, as well as, greater flexibility to accommodate parent work-time schedules

This is why we are working to ensure:

  • Co-working facilities are affordable and located where child care professionals can easily move from their homes to expand their child care businesses

  • Families can be supported with safe, quality child care to allow them to enhance their education and seek employment

  • All child care programs have access to Springboard's staffed peer network for marketing and referral, human resource services, business coaching, technologies such as a child care management with enrollment and attendance tools, bulk buying, health care and retirement, etc.

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