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Choosing Child Care

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Choosing a Child Care Can Be Agonizing:  You want the best care for your child that offers peace of mind while you are away from them. A safe space with an awareness of early childhood development and early learning creates a foundation for success as your child enters kindergarten. 

Being a parent is hard;
you shouldn't have to navigate it alone.

8 Tips for Choosing Child Care 

  1. Look down. Observe interactions between the provider and the children. In early years close, loving relationships between the children and caregiver are important.

  2. Ask for a commitment. Don't hesitate to ask about a commitment for at least one year when visiting a family child care provider. If visiting a child care center, ask about staff turnover rates.

  3. Do a policy check. Ask enough questions to determine if you share discipline, screen time, sleeping and other parenting philosophies.

  4. Drop by and spy. Visit the program to assess the child care environment for cleanliness, child-proofed and well-stocked with books and age-appropriate toys.

  5. Keep talking. Your children cannot always tell you how their day went. Select a child care professional that lets you know that open and frequent communication with parents is preferred.

  6. Problem solve pronto. Whenever a conflict arises between you and the caregiver arises, don't be afraid to speak up so that it can be resolved quickly.

  7. Trust your gut. If something doesn't feel quite right, trust your "gut".

  8. Be open to change. If things don't work out for your child or your situation, don't hesitate to make a change.

Is This the Right Place for My Child?

Checklist for Visiting a Child Care Program:

  1. What are the adult supervision characteristics?

  2. Have the adults been trained to care for children?

  3. Will my child be able to grow and learn?

  4. Is this a safe and healthy place for my child?

  5. Is the program well-managed?

  6. Does the program build relationships with parents?

Choose a Child Care Center

Things to Consider When Choosing a Child Care Center:

  1. Hours of operation

  2. Fees and services

  3. Staff qualifications and trainings

  4. Discipline

  5. Communication

  6. Transportation

  7. References

  8. Policies

  9. Licensing/accreditation

  10. Health professionals

  11. Visiting policy

  12. Staffing

Mother and Child
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