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Your Time Is Valuable

Mom And Baby Playing Together With Toys

Springboard Provides Tools and Resources to Save You Time!

"Blending and Braiding" resources is the key to a Financially Stable Child Care Business.

Springboard brings together a child care management system, administrative tools and financial resources to address the "razor-thin" line between a financially stable or struggling child care program.

  • Child care business model "powered by Springboard"​

  • Child care resource center "powered by Early Learning Ventures"

  • Child care management system "powered by Early Learning Ventures"

  • Dedicated child care accounting system "powered by Quickbooks"

Family Home Child Care:

Toolkits Can Be Personalized To Meet Your Needs:

Child care and relevant resources are trending at the highest level ever presenting a challenge for most child care providers with significant time constraints. Springboard prioritizes resources that help you manage time with children and create administrative efficiencies.

  • Play and activity

  • Mealtime resources

  • Partnering with parents 

  • ​The importance of play

  • Financial best practices

  • Child care licensing

Girl with Toys

Child Care Licensing

Springboard’s Mentoring Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety Associated with the Licensing Process:

As of September 2021, child care providers do not need to show proof of residency to apply for a child care or business license in Colorado.

Springboard encourages licensing your child care program in order to access financial support and on-line training that is only available to current and prospective licensed child care providers.

Because child care licensing rules recognize the complexities of caring for children, the application can be challenging. To reduce application hesitancy:

  • Springboard works with each Network Member throughout the application process

  • Springboard introduces a co-working facility when it is not possible for you to care for children in your home

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