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Springboard Needs You

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Child Care Needs You! More Than Ever!

Springboard is working to ensure:

  • ​Families have access to safe, quality child care that allows them to work or continue their education.

  • Child care professionals get the support they need from Springboard in order to be or continue having a sustainable and independent business.

serving children and families

Springboard Services for Current Child Care Providers:

Springboard can help you:

  • Join a network of child care providers through Springboard to share:

    • Child care management best practices, meal planning ideas, lending library for toys and educational materials

  • Have extra funds to buy supplies using Springboard's:

    • Shopping list and home delivery for basic supplies

  • Rent a co-working space as an alternative to in-home child care at:

    • Fully furnished Springboard co-working sites

  • Access child care trainings and resources to:

    • Manage the stress of running a small child care business, support parent communication and other identified issues​

  • Learn about technologies to:

    • Minimize time dedicated to record-keeping and get access to important documents

Preschool Learning Pod
Day School Teacher

Springboard Services for New Child Care Providers

I would like to open a new child care business, how do I begin?

  • Learn more about child development to make your job easier and enable children to learn through play and interaction with others by acquiring a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential

What is a CDA?

  • The CDA is designed for caregivers that serve at least 2 unrelated children in their home who are ages birth to five years.

  • The individual applying for CDA training must have:

    • A high school diploma, GED certificate or be a high school junior or senior in its career and technical program in early childhood education​

    • 480 hours of work experience in a group setting with children age birth through 5 years

    • Completed 120 hours early childhood training in a Family Child Care CDA program that includes - 

      • Principles of child development and learning​

      • Techniques for using daily routines for positive guidance and developmental needs

      • Strengthening a child's self-esteem

      • Characteristics of an effective early childhood professional 

      • Observation techniques to assess a
        child's development

      • Ways to provide a healthy and safe child care environment

      • Ways to learn from the children about their learning style

      • Creating trusting relations with families 

  • What are the benefits of CDA certification, how much does it cost and how are the trainings provided?

    • Qualifies you for numerous opportunities to work as a child care provider​

    • The CDA application fee is $425 and courses are priced separately. 

    • CDA certification can be earned through online or in-person training

Springboard can help you
look for scholarships to support the certification process

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